Complete List of Strangers

Here they are, in order of appearance:

Cup 1: Deep Nasta – Real estate guru, world traveler and self-professed tightwad

Cup 2: Shennandoah Diaz – Marketing maven, creative thinker and fellow learn-a-holic

Cup 3: Jaime Mitchell – Native Austinite, crafty momma and genuine do-gooder

Cup 4: Kurt Bradley – Karaoke singer, death cheater and one authentic dude

Cup 5: Steve Harper – People reader, introverted public speaker and ripple creator

Cup 6: Sara Blumenfeld – People hugger, energy follower and radio show host

Cup 7: Ruben Cantu – Story teller, change agent and born entrepreneur

Cup 8: Peter Catalano – Proud father, bili blanketer and would be journalist

Cup 9: Diana Lowe – World traveler, enthusiastic trainer and fellow coffee cupper

Cup 10: Jacqueline Hughes – Solution seeker, creative connector and passionate entrepreneur

Cup 11: Jodie Garrison – Community creator, Twitter pro and spiritual seeker

Cup 12: Marc Mapes – Start-up king, co-space evangelist and dedicated family dude

Cup 13: Maruxa Murphy – Former child star, engagement expert and perpetual re-inventor

Cup 14: Chris Perez – Gifted photographer, adventure seeker and expert on all things Austin cool

Cup 15: April Kling Meyer – Creative artist, business owner and fabricker extraordinaire

Cup 16: Terry Grier – Podcast host, Austin expert and adoring husband

Cup 17: Thom Singer – Family guy, networking advocate and international speaker

Cup 18: Kim Schlinke – Gem creator, fashion upcycler, and (soon to be) published author

Cup 19: Honoree Corder – Acclaimed author, superhero mom and a no-nonsense coach

Cup 20: Chad Goldwasser – Real Estate legend, music fanatic and motivation junkie

Cup 21: Monique Maley: Former actress, communications pro and owner of THE best tattoo story ever

Cup 22: Tom Gimbel – Music lover, business man and experience seeker

Cup 23: Jodi Vargas – Cancer preventer, novelty seeker and outdoor enthusiast

Cup 24: Josh Kimbell – Austin transplant, food expert and coffee aficionado

Cup 25: Cooper Veazey -Fan of of first edition books, making new friends and a good political corruption story

Cup 26: Peter Strople – Champion for the underdog, experience creator and one seriously connected dude

Cup 27: Clint Greenleaf – Serial entrepreneur, talking head and devoted family dude

Cup 28: Gay Isber – Creative genius, faithful cheerleader and mother to the world

Cup 29: Kristin Sheppard – Pop culture connoisseur, shark fanatic and blogger rock star

Cup 30: : Bridget Dunlap – Visionary businesswoman, devoted momma and total firecracker

SXSW Special Edition: Cup 31 – Allison Saur

SXSW Special Edition: Cup 32 – Brandie McCallum

SXSW Special Edition: Cup 33 – Arie Moyal

Cup 34: Amanda Quraishi – Interfaith activist, voice of the homeless and conversation starter

Cup 35: Bill Jennings – Pecan Grove resident, nature lover and helicopter pilot

Cup 36: Stephanie Hackney – Paper crafter extraordinaire, overlander expert and world traveler

Cup 37: Danny Thompson – Real Estate guru, fear crusher and devoted Christian

Cup 38: Serena Lissy – Food and product photographer, knowledge seeker and forward-thinking optimist

Cup 39: Patti DeNucci – Intentional networker, award-winning author and part introvert

Cup 40: Jessica Steinbomer – Airstream adventurer, yoga instructor and proud mom

Cup 41: Colin Pope – Old School Journalist, Family Man and Fan of All Things Austin

Cup 42: Nicole Collins – Native Austinite, Top Female Executive and Born Leader

Cup 43: Janet Hardy – Real estate tycoon, free spirit and wanna-be pedicab driver

Cup 44: Heather Schuck – Accidental entrepreneur, wildly successful business woman and devoted mom

Cup 45: Laura Darby – Speaker of five languages, primatologist and United Nations employee

Cup 46: Molly Ironmonger – New mom, real estate professional and fellow fan of strangers

Cup 47: Tom LaPlante – Social media early adopter, friend-maker and change agent

Cup 48: Kevin Koym – 5th generation Texan, technology visionary and start-up champion

Cup 49: Nicole Forbes – Austin transplant, yoga devotee and technology strategist

Special Edition – Coffee With a Stranger Goes to Mexico – Cup 50: Paul – the owner of Coffee Stop

Special Edition – Coffee With a Stranger Goes to Mexico – Cup 51: Mara and Arturo – owners of Titi Panini 

Cup 52: Brett Hurt – Five-time entrepreneur, mentor to many and family-first kinda guy

Cup 53: Cole Harmonson – Driven businessman, Bikram yogi and self-professed redneck

Cup 54: Maria Gatling – Talented artist, creativity advocate and simplicity seeker

Cup 55: Joey McGirr – Barista turned business man, connectivity advocate, loving husband and dad

Cup 56: Nando Cabán-Méndez – Mountain bike enthusiast, baked goods aficionado and digital marketing powerhouse

Cup 57: John Henry McDonald – Musician, former Army Drill Sergeant, believer in miracles

Cup 58: Rebekah Grmela – Proud Aggie, quote lover and wise millennial

Cup 59: Brad Closson – Author, tree planter and business success guru

Cup 60: Joe Williams – Keller Williams Co-founder, bird hunter and personal responsibility advocate

Cup 61: Yifat Cohen – Google+ Go-To Gal, Virtual Connector and Big Fan of Sandwiches

Cup 62: Scott Robinson – Big man, big heart, big life

4 Special Cups In Tribute to Scott Robinson – Cup 63: PaulO’Brien, Cup 64: Andrew Tull, Cup 65: Mike Millard & Cup 66: Jim Bledsoe

Cup 67: Eric Simone – Risk taker, family man and shy introvert

Cup 68: Joel Shuler – Former male model, coffee aficionado and secret gardener

Cup 69: Henrik Johansson – Swedish native, left-brain creative and chronic entrepreneur

Cup 70: Brian Grigsby – Entrepreneur, investor and race car driver

Cup 71: Bridget McCart – Design maven, empowerer of artists and small business proprietress

Cup 72: Mike Leamon – World adventurer, challenge seeker and business problem solver

Cup 73: Rabbi Neil Blumofe – Jazz man, intentional listener and proud family man

Cup 74: Newt Hamlin – Nick-namer, failed retiree and serial entrepreneur

Cup 75: Doug Guller – List maker, owner of the term “breastaurant”, and devoted family guy

Cup 76: Erine Gray – Social good doer, TED Fellow and champion for the underdog

Cup 77: Jay Papasan – Family-first prioritizer, curious intellectual, and best-selling author

Cup 78: Jennifer Brewer – Adventure girl, story-teller and educator

Cup 79: Tirzah Shirai – Heart-centered Taurus, award-winning film producer and fearless entrepreneur

Cup 80: Canan Yetmen – Writer, world traveler and scarf enthusiast

Cup 81: Sam Killermann – Social justice comedian, conversation starter and mamma bear

Cup 82: Blythe Jewell – Magnificent momma, awesome artist and potty-mouthed poet

Cup 83: Michelle Ewalt – Change pioneer, lightning rod and transition coach

Cup 84: Tom Brosseau – Fashionable folk singer, walking wanderer and North Dakota native

Cup 85: Christine Celis – Brewmaster’s daughter, businesswoman and balance seeker

Cup 86: Ray Bard – Accomplished publisher, solo traveler and curious observer

Cup 87: Tom Rhodes – Benevolent CEO, life designer and fan of quinoa

Cup 88: Jim Harper – Kale eater, caregiver and kindness spreader

Cup 89: Doug Mammoser – Active adventurer, AT GA-ME NOBO and devoted family man

Cup 90: Kim Love – Wellness champion, world traveller and purpose-driven entrepreneur

Cup 91: Steve Cowper – Budget guy, energy expert and former Governor of Alaska

Cup 92: Jaime Tardy – Eventual Millionaire, Austin newbie and astrophysics junkie

Cup 93: Jyl Kutsche – Community creator, long-time yogi and therapeutic chocolatier

Cup 94: Kirk Austin – Bike rider, children’s book author and pedi-cab hobbyist

Cup 95: Rachel Clemens – Creative cat, adventurous traveler and purposeful parent

Cup 96: Jefre Outlaw – World traveler, survivor and a man with two birthdates

Cup 97: Courtney Clark – Author, community service champion and resiliency guru

Cup 98: Jackie Huba – Little Monster, loyalty evangelist, and drag queen

Cup 99: Jeff Miller – Optimist, pop music fan, and survivor

Cup 100: Misty Williams – Decadence-loving Leo, infopreneur marketer, and personal development junkie

Cup 101: Tammy Shaklee – Matchmaker, card player, Vespa driver

Cup 102: John Langford – Photographer, author and world adventurer

Cup 103: Mercedes Sawyers – Candle maker, hugger and spreader of light

Cup 104: GiGi Miller – Gifted artist, soup lover and research junkie

Cup 105: Lindsey Leaverton – Texas girl, gifted musician and mother of twins

Cup 106: Roger Rangel – Austin Police Officer, dad, huge-hearted guy

Cup 107: Ken Kuznia – Career catalyst, dream follower, and beacon of positivity

Cup 108: David Guzman – Entrepreneur, volunteerism advocate, and creator of delight

Cup 109: Richard Benkendorf – Business investor, popcorn lover and devoted family man

Cup 110: Tim Hamilton – Knowledge seeker, CEO and new dad

Cup 111: Caroline Boudreaux – Louisiana native, world adventurer and miracle maker

Cup 112: Chantal Eldridge – Aspiring Judge, proud mom and champion for the underdog

Cup 113: Kelly Geary – Business owner, talent matchmaker and gratitude practitioner

Cup 114: Meg Kuehn – Book lover, CEO, and proud momma

Cup 115: Maura Thomas – Productivity expert, author and reluctant exerciser

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