Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Costa Rica: Week 4 – Coffee With Strangers


Saturday Our Austin friends, Mike and Lisa, were still here and after learning about the dengue outbreak on the southern portion of the peninsula, we opted to take a travel day and head north instead. Samara was our destination, with a few notable spots to check out in between. As many of you … continue »

Costa Rica: Week 3 – Alone no more

Carmona! It only took an hour, but I made it here - to the pavement!

Saturday Up early and filled with anticipation today as I prepared to pick up my main squeeze, my partner-in-crime and the man who would half my daily workload. Super exciting! I made a coffee for the road and filled up a jar of my second favorite drink – half coconut water/half water – and set […]

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Costa Rica: Week 2 – On My Own

The incredible sunset over the beach as seen from Hank and Marie's patio.

Did you catch Week 1 of the Costa Rica Adventure? If not, you may want to pop over and give it a read, and then come back to see how Week 2 plays out. Saturday Up early today to enjoy a final cup of coffee with Gwen and Edmund as they looked around the place […]

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Costa Rica: Week 1- Jungle Pioneer Woman

Flying in to Costa Rica

First two days of the grand Costa Rica adventure: Flights were uneventful and getting through customs, etc. was a snap. Edmund (B&B owner) picked me up at the airport, then we had a three hour drive to the B&B. Conversation was easy. We stopped at a grocery to pick up some things, so I got […]

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Cup 95: Rachel Clemens – Creative cat, adventurous traveler and purposeful parent.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 95, Rachel Clemens

The Place: Austin Java The Cup: I had coffee, Rachel enjoyed a cup of chai. The Background: My lovely friend, Cup 66, Jim Bledsoe connected Rachel and I via email. This was a few months ago. We had coffee planned, and then I got a nasty case of bronchitis and decided it best to reschedule. Rachel was getting on a […]

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Cup 94: Kirk Austin – Bike rider, children’s book author and pedi-cab hobbyist.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 94 Kirk Austin

The Place: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf The Cup: Regular old coffee for Kirk and I. The Background: The ever-lovely Cup 39, Patti DeNucci sent me an email a few weeks back telling me about a guy on her Mighty Fine MS-150 team who was interesting and wonderful, and thought he’d be a great person for me to […]

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