Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Cup 101: Tammy Shaklee – Matchmaker, card player, Vespa driver.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 101 Tammy Shaklee

The Place: Austin Java The Cup: A cup of coffee for me, and Tammy grabbed an iced tea and salad. The Background: Cup 17, Thom Singer thought Tammy was someone I needed to know, so a month or so ago, he made an email introduction to Tammy and I. Tammy said it sounded like fun, so she agreed … continue »

My First 100 Cups: A Reflection and A Forward Glance

Coffee With a Stranger Who's Next

It Started With A Quote I could never have predicted the impact that quote would have on my life. I read the words of Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and was struck by their truth. And the truth of the statement made me immediately wonder how I was doing. An avid reader, I decided to give myself […]

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Cup 100: Misty Williams – Decadence-loving Leo, infopreneur marketer, and personal development junkie

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 100 Misty Williams

The Place: La Madeleine The Cup: A cup of coffee for me, and since it was lunch time, Misty went for a glass of water and a salad. The Background: A few months back, Cup 17, Thom Singer and I grabbed coffee to catch-up. He suggested a few people he’d met recently who he thought I’d be interested […]

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Cup 99: Jeff Miller – Optimist, pop music fan, and survivor.

Coffee With A Strange Cup 99 Jeff Miller

The Place: Lola Savannah The Cup: It was Friday, so Jeff and I both decided to live it up. I had a chai latte, complete with a little cinnamon art on top. Jeff chose a yummy mocha frappe. We were both pleased with our choices. The Background: I got an email the other day from my good pal […]

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Cup 98: Jackie Huba – Little Monster, Loyalty Evangelist, and Drag Queen

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 98, Jackie Huba

The Place: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf The Cup: After 3 PM means I had tea – Chai Rooibos to be exact. Jackie had a hot tea latte. The Background: My dear friend and former stranger, Cup 86, Ray Bard asked me if I’d read a book called Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. We’d been […]

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Cup 97: Courtney Clark – Author, Community Service Champion and Resiliency Guru

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 97 Courtney Clark

The Place: Fair Bean The Cup: Regular old coffee for me and Courtney opted for no beverage. The Background: Cup 17, Thom Singer and I met for a catch-up coffee the other day and he mentioned having recently met Courtney and thought I’d enjoy knowing her as well. Thom knows the rules – don’t tell me too much, […]

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