Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Where Are They Wednesday – Stephanie Hackney

Every Wednesday we check in on a former “stranger” to see what they’ve been up to since they had Coffee With a Stranger. Today, let’s catch up with: Cup 36: Stephanie Hackney – Paper crafter extraordinaire, overlander expert and world traveler What was the biggest surprise or aha that … continue »

Cup 87: Tom Rhodes – Benevolent CEO, life designer and fan of quinoa.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 87 Tom Rhodes

The Place:  Trianon The Cup: A cup of coffee for me and Tom enjoyed a cup of hot tea. The Background: Former stranger, turned friend, Cup 53, Cole Harmonson and I had our quarterly catch-up coffee the other day at Thunderbird Coffee. Cole is one of the most genuine, positive and passionate people I know. I leave every […]

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Cup 86: Ray Bard – Accomplished publisher, solo traveler and curious observer.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 86 Ray Bard

The Place:  Lola Savannah The Cup: A cappuccino for me, and Ray had a cup of coffee. The Background: I believe it was Gary Hoover who first mentioned Ray Bard to me, during an Entrepreneurship class I took upon moving to Austin. This conversation is what landed Ray on my interview wish list. Next, I heard his […]

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Cup 85: Christine Celis – Brewmaster’s daughter, businesswoman and balance seeker.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 85 Christine Celis

The Place:  Uno’s The Cup: A cappuccino for me, and Christine had the CinnaMocha – which sounded so yummy, I almost changed my order. Cinnamon, mocha and espresso. Mmm! The Background: My friend Chris told me about Christine last fall, and suggested I make her one of my strangers. He didn’t tell me much, just that […]

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Cup 84: Tom Brosseau – Fashionable folk singer, walking wanderer and North Dakota native.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 84, Tom Brosseau

The Place:  After a failed attempt at The Hideout (which had been taken over for a SXSW event) we scooted up the street to Royal Blue Grocery, where we found some available outdoor seating. The Cup: Coffee and Topo Chico for both of us. The Background: Without question, this is the wackiest “background” on a stranger meeting […]

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Cup 83: Michelle Ewalt – Change pioneer, lightning rod and transition coach.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 83, Michelle Ewalt

The Place:  Panera The Cup: Coffee for me and iced tea for Michelle. The Background: One of my favorite and unexpected treats that this project provides are the emails and calls I get from friends, new and old, who have thought of someone they think will be perfect for the project, and they want to make an […]

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