Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Cup 100: Misty Williams – Decadence-loving Leo, infopreneur marketer, and personal development junkie

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 100 Misty Williams

The Place: La Madeleine The Cup: A cup of coffee for me, and since it was lunch time, Misty went for a glass of water and a salad. The Background: A few months back, Cup 17, Thom Singer and I grabbed coffee to catch-up. He suggested a few people he'd met recently who he thought I'd be … continue »

Cup 99: Jeff Miller – Optimist, pop music fan, and survivor.

Coffee With A Strange Cup 99 Jeff Miller

The Place: Lola Savannah The Cup: It was Friday, so Jeff and I both decided to live it up. I had a chai latte, complete with a little cinnamon art on top. Jeff chose a yummy mocha frappe. We were both pleased with our choices. The Background: I got an email the other day from my good pal […]

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Cup 98: Jackie Huba – Little Monster, Loyalty Evangelist, and Drag Queen

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 98, Jackie Huba

The Place: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf The Cup: After 3 PM means I had tea – Chai Rooibos to be exact. Jackie had a hot tea latte. The Background: My dear friend and former stranger, Cup 86, Ray Bard asked me if I’d read a book called Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. We’d been […]

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Cup 97: Courtney Clark – Author, Community Service Champion and Resiliency Guru

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 97 Courtney Clark

The Place: Fair Bean The Cup: Regular old coffee for me and Courtney opted for no beverage. The Background: Cup 17, Thom Singer and I met for a catch-up coffee the other day and he mentioned having recently met Courtney and thought I’d enjoy knowing her as well. Thom knows the rules – don’t tell me too much, […]

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Cup 96: Jefre Outlaw – World traveler, survivor and a man with two birthdates.

Coffee With A Stranger Cup 96 Jefre Outlaw

The Place: Austin Java The Cup: Regular old coffee for both of us. The Background: My very dear friend Olga connected Jefre and I after we had lunch and I told her I was ready to get the Coffee With A Stranger project back up and running. She was convinced that Jefre and I would have plenty to […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 17 – Until We Meet Again

A farewell gift from friends, Bill and Pat made from wood found on the beach and painted with love.

Final days; so full of busyness – winding down and saying goodbyes while making preparations for what lies ahead.  Emotions range from the sadness that comes from leaving friends, disappointment from having to cut the experience short, leaving questions of what could have been, excited anticipation at seeing family, friends and our dogs again and […]

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