Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Costa Rica Adventure Week 8 – Rainy Season

My Spanish (fast writer) trophy.

Saturday Without visits from our neighbors, we might get pretty lonely around here. But every day someone or another pays us a visit. Today it was Wendy first, and then Patty. Wendy stopped in to use our internet and to get a latte. Patty came by just to visit. Pop-in visits - something I wouldn't … continue »

Costa Rica Adventure: Week 7 – Our growing menagerie


Saturday Final day of vacation, visiting friends in Tamarindo. Before heading home, we enjoyed one last juice (Kathleen and Steve have an incredible juicer and each morning they make a delicious juice with all their servings of fruits and veggies for the day. We were fortunate to get in on the daily morning juice!) We […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 6 – Vacation Time

I decided to pull out some "Playa Mart" supplies and make another little gift.

Saturday I love making breakfast. Which I suppose is a good thing, since I find myself making a lot of it when we have guests. And I’ve really gotten into a nice rhythm when cooking. Now, even when I have multiple people to prepare food for, I get it done without trouble. Unlike the first […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 5 – Social Sharing

Hopefully, "it's the thought that counts" is a universally accepted sentiment.

Saturday Perhaps one of the best surprises about life in Costa Rica is how rich our social life is. ┬áThe other day I counted, and our neighbor/friend count was already over 20. It’s remarkable! And tonight, we, and a dozen or so other friends are invited to a party hosted by pals Hank and Marie. […]

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Costa Rica: Week 4 – Coffee With Strangers


Saturday Our Austin friends, Mike and Lisa, were still here and after learning about the dengue outbreak on the southern portion of the peninsula, we opted to take a travel day and head north instead. Samara was our destination, with a few notable spots to check out in between. As many of you might already […]

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Costa Rica: Week 3 – Alone no more

Carmona! It only took an hour, but I made it here - to the pavement!

Saturday Up early and filled with anticipation today as I prepared to pick up my main squeeze, my partner-in-crime and the man who would half my daily workload. Super exciting! I made a coffee for the road and filled up a jar of my second favorite drink – half coconut water/half water – and set […]

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