Melissa Lombard - 5 Year Project - 260 cups of coffee with strangers and something new each day

Costa Rica Adventure: Week 12 – Some observations…and some Netflix

Routine This was our first full week away from the B&B, continuing our house and dog sitting in Atenas. We are sort of on vacation, you might say, though we do have responsibilities here to keep Shadow the Wonder Dog safe and healthy, to water the plants on the patio that the rain doesn't … continue »

Costa Rica Adventure: Week 11 – Taking a Break

Mr. Shadow - such a sweet guy!

Saturday After our first cup of coffee of the day, we decided we’d take a walk to the beach. I’m not entirely sure why we’ve never taken the walk before – I guess we thought it was a little too long and always opt for taking the car. Plus, I’m generally hauling cool pieces of […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 10 – Hello and goodbye.

Housewarming gift for the Swiss-Germans.

Saturday We were really hoping for some customers today, but no one showed up. Although it’s nice to have quiet time, it’s also really nice to have new faces every day and the thrill of meeting new people and hearing fresh stories. It’s the “low” season here (beginning in July and running through the end […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 9 – Birthday Week

Happy Birthday Dave!

Saturday Customers! We finally got more customers! After a solid week with no cars pulling in the drive, today, a lovely couple from Spain showed up for coffee and smoothies. ¬†Growing starved for new people to talk to, we promptly pulled up our chairs and began chatting. At first they seemed a bit surprised. Why […]

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Costa Rica Adventure Week 8 – Rainy Season

My Spanish (fast writer) trophy.

Saturday Without visits from our neighbors, we might get pretty lonely around here. But every day someone or another pays us a visit. Today it was Wendy first, and then Patty. Wendy stopped in to use our internet and to get a latte. Patty came by just to visit. Pop-in visits – something I wouldn’t […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 7 – Our growing menagerie


Saturday Final day of vacation, visiting friends in Tamarindo. Before heading home, we enjoyed one last juice (Kathleen and Steve have an incredible juicer and each morning they make a delicious juice with all their servings of fruits and veggies for the day. We were fortunate to get in on the daily morning juice!) We […]

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