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Costa Rican Adventure: Week 16 – What Have We Missed?

D&M Monkey

There's a type of question we frequently get asked, regarding this Costa Rican Adventure, that begins like this: "Don't you miss____?" Fill that blank in with whatever you'd like. Air conditioning, craft beer, Tex-Mex, bookstores, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Today, I will answer all those questions as … continue »

Costa Rica Adventure: Week 15 – Letting Go


I read this quote after making a really tough decision, and immediately recognized it’s truth. ¬†Worthwhile advice – none of which comes easily, but that last part – letting go when things don’t go as planned…for me that’s the toughest. My whole life has been about making plans, setting goals and working to achieve them. […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Weeks 13 & 14 – Homecoming

Parade - Costa Rica Style

Week 13 was our last week of house and dogsitting in Atenas, followed by a trip to Panama. My daily diary habits never seemed to kick back in, so daily recaps have now turned into weekly summaries. But let’s face it, does it really matter which day we walked to town for that yummy cappuccino? […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 12 – Some observations…and some Netflix

Routine This was our first full week away from the B&B, continuing our house and dog sitting in Atenas. We are sort of on vacation, you might say, though we do have responsibilities here to keep Shadow the Wonder Dog safe and healthy, to water the plants on the patio that the rain doesn’t reach, […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 11 – Taking a Break

Mr. Shadow - such a sweet guy!

Saturday After our first cup of coffee of the day, we decided we’d take a walk to the beach. I’m not entirely sure why we’ve never taken the walk before – I guess we thought it was a little too long and always opt for taking the car. Plus, I’m generally hauling cool pieces of […]

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Costa Rica Adventure: Week 10 – Hello and goodbye.

Housewarming gift for the Swiss-Germans.

Saturday We were really hoping for some customers today, but no one showed up. Although it’s nice to have quiet time, it’s also really nice to have new faces every day and the thrill of meeting new people and hearing fresh stories. It’s the “low” season here (beginning in July and running through the end […]

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