Interview Wish List


Never accept candy from a stranger. Coffee, on the other hand, is perfectly legit.   ~Melissa Lombard


The most frequent question I answer about my Coffees With A Stranger project is, “Where do you find the strangers?”

The answer, aside from the first cup, Deep Nasta – an interesting guy who sat next to me in the first night of a class I assumed he’d not return to, I meet them via a referral – mostly from previous strangers. Got more questions about the project? Check out the FAQ

I decided rather than have every cup be a throw of the dice, I’d create a wish list of people I hope to interview. This is a list of folks around Austin who I’d love to meet – in no particular order. Feel free to shoot me a note if you think of someone I should add to the list. And by all means, if you no one of these fine folks and want to connect us, I’d be honored!

  1. Turk Pipkin
  2. Brett Hurt
  3. Paul Qui
  4. Clint Greenleaf
  5. Liz Lambert
  6. Colin Pope
  7. Amy Simmons
  8. Bridget Dunlap
  9. Kendra Scott
  10. Ray Bard
  11. Anyone who lives in the Pecan Grove RV Park in Austin
  12. Richard Garriott
  13. Austin Kleon
  14. Jia Jiang
  15. David Stromeyer
  16. Tim League
  17. Art Acevedo
  18. Brian Sharples
  19. Steve Bercu
  20. Roy Spence