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When I dreamt up the Coffee With A Stranger project, I had no idea just how radically my life would be changed by the strangers I met. Now, as I sit down to work on the book, Coffee With A Stranger: 100 Conversations That Changed My Life, I am looking for a few passionate connectors who are curious enough to give the concept a try.

We’re calling this Coffee With A Stranger Mini Series, and for those who sign up and are selected, there are some pretty fabulous perks!

•Free ebook Coffee With A Stranger: The Nuts, Bolts and How-To’s. The book was written specifically to answer all the questions you have as you think about asking that first stranger to have coffee with you.

◦Why would you have coffee with a stranger?

◦Where can you find good strangers? ◦What are the best questions to ask?

•You have the option be a guest blogger on the Coffee With A Stranger blog and we’ll share your story with our readers.

•If you’re interested, your Coffee With A Stranger story may be featured in the finished book.

In exchange for the ebook and the other fun perks, all we ask is that you consider sharing a short summary of your experience. (You’ll get more details about the write-up in a separate email.)

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, or at least ready to learn more, please sign-up and I will be sure you get a copy of the ebook ASAP.

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